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Cheentan Research Foundation emerged as a non-profit organization from the decentralized Research Group experiment at Cheenta Academy. 

The experiment was based on the premise that research will be a cornerstone of educational methods in the upcoming century. 

Here is the traditional pathway of learning.

 [consume information — evaluate how much information is retained]

We believe that human beings will eventually transition into a more modern strategy.

 [ask a great question — learn and imagine to seek answer to that question]

In this view, ‘research’ is used as a method of pedagogy and not only a vocation at a certain stage of life. With the advent of 5G, and the rise of the number of scientific workers all across the world, decentralized research groups may emerge at a larger scale even today.

As a part of this pedagogical experiemnt, half a dozen small research groups were active since 2019 at Cheenta Academy. It attracted scores of students and researchers from all around the world. We observed improved learning activity and enthusiasm all across the board. 

Subsequently the research group leaders and some of their collaborators decided to create a separate non-profit institute with a focus on research activity. This centre of mathematical science constitutes Cheentan Research. It is headquartered at Calcutta, India.


The goal of Cheentan Research Foundation is three fold:

1. Create dentralized research groups to find solutions of problems in pure and applied mathematical sciences.

2. Promote research-as-a-method -of -pedagogy at pre-college and pre-graduate school level.

3. Conduct concerted research in mathematical education especially in elementary school level.
The core activities include publication of original research work, creation of peer-reviewed journals for pre-college level and publish material and monographs on scientific enquiries. 

How can you help?

Cheentan Research Foundation hopes to revitalize research in mathematical sciences in India. If you are a scientific worker, you may join us as a patron, or create your own research group and network with our community. If you are interested in the cause of promoting independent research in India, you may help us with donations and networking opportunities. 

Let us know your ideas at
Cheentan Research Foundation is a non-profit organization engaged in research in mathematical sciences. 

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