Cheentan Research Foundation
  • Geometric group theory

    Can you embed Hyperbolic planes in Cayley Graphs ?

    Geometric Group Theory

    Dr. Ashani Dasgupta

    PhD in Mathematics from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Join the Geometric Group Theory work group at Cheentan Research in the pursuit of hyperbolic planes in Cayley Graphs of Relatively Hyperbolic Groups. 
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  • Signal processing

    How to use Neural Networks in Signal Processing

    Srijit Mukherjee

    (Pursuing) PhD in Penn State University
    Join the Signal Processing work group at Cheentan Research to explore neural networks in Signal Processing.
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  • Dynamical systems

    Understand the Mandelbrot Sets

    Dynamical System

    Dr. Sankhadip Chakraborty

    PhD from IMPA
    Join the Dynamical Systems work group at Cheentan Research.
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Translation project on 'About Hyperbolic Groups after Mikhail Gromov' by Etienne Ghys and Pierre de la Harpe
A translation of the celebrated title 'About Hyperbolic Groups after Mikhail Gromov' by Etienne Ghys and Pierre de la Harpe....
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Connectedness of Bowditch boundary of Dehn fillings
We study Dehn fillings of relatively hyperbolic group pairs and the persistence of connectedness of Bowditch boundary in sufficiently long Dehn fillings. We show that the restriction of peripheral subgroups to virtually polycyclic subgroups (as in [Groves-Manning, 2018]) is not needed. Download the ...
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Cheentan Research

Cheentan Research is a private non-profit research institute based in Calcutta, India. It engages in fundamental research in pure and applied mathematical sciences. Cheentan Research is also involved in research in mathematics education and pedagogy. 


Cheentan Research has multiple decentralized research groups working toward problems in pure and applied mathematical sciences. Presently we have focus groups on Geometric Group Theory, Signal Processing, Dynamical Systems.


Cheentan Research aims to publish peer reviewed journals for research in school and pre-university level.  The publication wing funds monographs and expositions on mathematical sciences. 


Cheentan Research pedagogy division collaborates with schools and students to produce futuristic tools and methods in mathematical education.
Cheentan Research Foundation is a non-profit organization engaged in research in mathematical sciences. 

22, Lake Place Road, Kolkata 700029, India
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